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BUSINESS BASICS: The skills you need to succeed

Whether you're a new enterprise with a great product but no idea how to bring it to market or an established business that needs to strengthen its infrastructure or are simply entering a new-to-you business environment with different rules and customs than you're used to, there are ways in which ALPINE INTERNATIONAL can help.

If you're looking for practical hands-on advice on building your business and finding sustainable solutions, you need look no farther: our business development consultants – each with a wealth of hard-won experience in the Japanese and other global markets – focus on small to medium-sized companies that need assistance in areas like financial and strategic planning; budgeting techniques and empowering staff to take responsibility for achieving agreed-upon results; corporate policies and procedures and corporate governance.

Finally, our unique Mentoring on Demand™ approach gives you access to us on an informal basis at your convenience.

Areas of specialization:

  • Consult new-to-market firms by providing support to overseas organizations seeking to export goods and services to Japan, including:
    • Market and industry research
    • Distribution strategy
    • Representation to potential channel and retail partners
  • Provide financial planning assistance for both current-year and multi-year strategic plans by assisting corporate management in giving department heads "ownership" of their segments of the company budget and other financial plans.
  • Development of company policies and procedures
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